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I was curious about the 'Demeanor' system. I mean, does how the Tames address you vary on how high or low your Demeanor is in comparison to their's?

Had an idea while playing the game, what if, for instance, after a battle your character and one or both of their tames are somewhat 'excited' you could place an option in the party menu to  relieve them and yourself. Just a thought.

Also, waiting patiently for the dragon update.

sadly is not working on my Mac for free demo. can you see if you can update/fix software? if you have the time?

I don't have a mac, so I can't troubleshoot it in any way. If you could tell me the specifics, I can try fix it. Which version do you have and when do the problems start?

I know what evil apple did took away best game Experience that relate to 64-bit games. and when I did try to open the game it only tell's me "You don't have a permission to play this game". that's the only thing I know about this new version Mac.

is there going to be more story and NPC interaction later on


Have a update of getting the females pregnant.

Yeah, its cumming in a future update! Thanks for playing!

You should put an delete file option when you select a file to play.


Will it have android version in the future ? Thanks for your answer 

Yeah, I am working on it. I just need to make controls, it plays fine on Android


the games is pretty fun and all but damn that blowjob animation give me nightmares.

Amazing game. I know you are busy. Just too me when i played it i was able to tame creatures easy. Yet i couldn't do much as the space is limited. So i was confused about how you are supposed to make money in the game. I do have some suggestions but they are minor ones.

1.  Make more space upgrades. Too me maybe make it so that it is different areas in the house for different creatures.

2. Add a way too have a tame monster have sex with your mother as a cut scene at night. She just does it at random moments so it would be like a rare cut scene once in a while.

3. Make getting gears a little easier. Not too easy but like if you beat a group of monsters you should at least get two pieces of gear or something. I know it suppose to make you grind but with the amount of gear you have to try and get makes it a little tougher.

I do hope you continue to make a lot of great content. I love playing the game as it produces further. You and your artist do amazing work.

Hey Ace!

First up, thanks for playing  and enjoying! 1. and 2. are already planned, 1. is close to being implemented. 3. is not so much, it will be easier to get gear once the levels are sorted properly, but the drop rate will remain around what it is now. I will stare at it again for a while and see if I can see a better way to make sure you get gear, but I think once the store is in that will solve it. Also, without the store, making money is not important. Once the store is in, a Tame trader will come to town and ask for specific tames, selling them to him will net you a lot of money.

Again, thanks for playing and the feedback!

Hello I just got this game today and i just want to say that even though this is an early build i frickin love this game its to fun (and lewd) with an rpg element that just ties it all together and im defiantly supporting this game for the future

Thanks KodaFur! It's really fun to make and the community is really supportive, so Tamer will keep growing!

Hi, thanks for making this game its really fun and have potential, and of course i'd like this game to be updated with new content and quest and all

1- if its possible to work on a new race, i'd like to suggest, harpy( birds race), racoon, lizard or dragon and fox.

2- also a variability in the combat system and improving the animation

3- add a sort of duels btw tamers ( like pokemon )

i hope to see a new update to replay it soon.

Thanks for the kind words, most of what you said is already planned :P and I try to update once a month

let me start by saying very fun game so far. now I do have a few recommendations for the game.

1. it would be great if there was a bigger variety of body part sizes there a decent amount already but just a few more would be nice. like more breast sizes, ass sizes and dick sizes as well we have very large but not very small for example

2. more hairstyles and outfits of course would be nice but I assume you already thought of that.

3. a obvious indicator for when you level, currently I cant really tell if I'm gaining exp or anything. I just have to the check once in a while to see if I have leveled up which isn't really handy.

4. when looking to equip new gear seeing a comparison, to the currently equipped gear would be nice unless that's already  a thing and I just missed it.

also not really sure how to interact with chests and stuff

that's it from me I did only play the free version atm so maybe things I mentioned are in the patreon ver  if not then ideas


Thanks for playing!
For number 1 and 2, it's just me and my artist, adding too much is extremely time consuming, so we settled like this, we might make more later, but not for a while if we do.
Level indicator is a great idea. I will find a way to do it.
Tooltips are going in with the next build, that should cover your fourth question.
The public and patreon games are exactly the same, except the patreon build has full access to the character creator. Chests are placeholder and not interact-able.

I don't know why but all the enemy has stop respawning, i tried to save and load, going in and out multiple time yet all of the room in the dungeon do not refresh. Is this intentional after 3-4 clearing all of the room?

It's not, they should respawn. You may have to close the game and reload it.

I've tried making a male character and everytime I finish with the opening customization, I get a message saying Fatal Error. (I want to have one file where my caracter is male the other female) What button is used to interact with my environment. an example - opening a chest that's been found while exploring.

The fatal error is a little odd after character creation. If you could post a screenshot of the error in the discord if it happens again, that would be awesome.
Space bar is used for interactions. The current chests do nothing in game, they are just placeholder.

hello to you first

I wanted to tell you that you have improved a lot since the first version you made, if I can give you some advice it would be a great pleasure:

A)In my opinion you still have to improve certain animations that you still find a little rudimentary and not very dynamic.

B)certain areas should add magical objects to make everything more fun and varied (objects of a sexual nature, we mean)

C)put human characters available as enemies

D)add giants (of all sexes) as a new race in the game in the future, perhaps trying to make animations of different sexes than the others.

I hope these tips can be useful for you

I dontknow what happened but the character models for both main and npc are broken after ya do character build

Which characters?

well I just got into the game so to put it simply the main character after ya create it and the mother but don't know about any others


Will this ever be released on Android?


Yes, in this current version I actually made an android build to see how it ran, seemed to work fine. So I will be making controls for Android soon.


Thanks for the heads up.

so i updated my game and it says its a version that is not 5.0..i think something messed up 

If you download version, it should say that when you load it up. If it doesn't, you should re-download it and try it again. A clean install is best, just delete whatever you have and unzip the new folder, saves are stored elsewhere, so you won't lose anything.

I am trying to download on Mac and it says it cannot be opened. When I view the files, they all say "waiting to update" under them but they aren't updating

I am not familiar with Mac computers. Is that a browser download problem? Do other games made in Unity download, or is the problem just with Tamer?


is there anyway to look at the ones you have tamed and to switch them out and how many max is there to be tamed in the storage?


In the player house, downstairs is where all the tames are. And you can switch them out there.
Thank you for playing!

how do i download with linux

The public build for linux is at, so it is one build behind. You can download it on the Tamer page here on As for how to download and install on Linux, I have never used the Linux operating system, so I have no idea. Sorry!

What I find works for most Linux games (and this) is to 

1) Open the folder you downloaded the game in.

2) Right click (or you version's equivilant) and open up the properties for what would normally be the Executeable File (in this case it's the program labeled "Tamer -  Public Build Linux. x86_64" in the first folder.

3) Go to permissions, and "allow execute file as program"

4) double click your newly created executeable! 

You can also download the app for Linux and it will do a fairly good job setting up games to run at a click of a button. You just gotta download games through the app, which isn't too big a deal IMHO. It even keeps the pages for the game together with the game itself, so you can quickly check back for surprise updates and stuff.  

Is an android port possible? If so do you plan on making one?


Totally possible, and I do plan on it. I am making the UI with an android port in mind, but I won't do it until the game is more complete and stable.

Good to know. Thanks.

What's new in the update can't find the patch notes.

Patch notes are the changelog, downloadable under the game

Hello I have a problem, where can i switch my tamed monsters?

In your house, downstairs. Talk to the tame you wish to switch to.

Oh I see, thanks for the help.

do you think you can also make the game have a 32-bit version?

I think I have been asked this and I couldn't find an easy solution. I will look again with the next build, but I can't promise anything!

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I love your game! I can't figure out how to find? Or upgrade stats to unlock submissive oral and sex? I guess it's because it is not out yet right? Thx so much for putting in femboys!


Thank you and you're welcome! To unlock submissive skills you just have to be submissive in sex and your demeanor will go down. Oral is getting fixed right now, it will be in the next patch.

Nice! Thx again :) So excited to see more!!! 


Are you guys planning to add pregnancy, or is that no possible due to certain reasons?


Possible and planned :P

Thank you.

I can't run the game,can you help me?

What are you trying to run it on?

There are femboys and futa, but could there be ''cuntboys'' as well eventually or nanh?


It wasn't in my initial plan for the game, but neither was femboys. I added them because it didn't require much extra work, since it's basically the same (in game) as a futa. Adding another gender now would require a fair bit of work and a lot of extra animations, so it wouldn't happen anytime soon, but I might do it later.

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Had some questions. Is the training just to mess around or does it increase what the character can do. Maybe increase their value when you sell them. What about the stats, I can guess what Strength and Fortitude do. But What about Demeanor, does Persuasion affect how easy it is to tame? On the character sheet it shows what parts of me have been used or still a Virgin. Virgin Mouth, Virgin, Anal Virgin. But when I made a Futa character it doesn't separate Dick and Pussy Virginity. It seams that all ability are unlocked from the start, and it doesn't explain any of them. Why can't I have my Tamed characters Train each other.


Training does affect stats, demeanor increases/decreases based on the activity chosen. The way tames are sold at the moment is placeholder, with the new art and writing being done now, there will be a Buyer who wants specific stats and looks, and he will pay more for them.
The stats are posted in the discord under pinned messages, they will be on tooltips in the game soon. I will look into the futa virginity, thanks for that.
Tame on tame is coming, lots of people want it.
Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback! I will reply again if I have a specific fix ready for you.

Cool. I joined the Discord last night and missed that. Good info to have when placing new stats

Not sure if there's some math gone awry or if I'm doing something wrong, but I can't seem to figure out how NOT to die in two hits from anything I fight, despite being on easy mode and dumping my points into attack and defense.


The enemy levels are still being balanced out. The random level range they spawn in is too large, I will narrow the range and balance more. Thanks for the feedback Yttreia, and sorry it's so hard at the moment!

Okay, I'm getting a lot of early Breeding Season vibes from this game. I like that feel and I like what you're going for, but there's a lot missing in this game. There is no goal, there is no feeling of progression when obtaining some useful item, there's nothing to grind for, the animations are super clunky, and the dialogue could use a few revisions to get a more natural feeling to the exchange. Furtherto, some interactions just don't make sense (like orgasming from Berate or Talk options or your mother saying that she won't have sex with you whenever you interact with her). I understand that this is an extremely early build and I understand that these are probably points that will be touched on eventually, but I'm just calling it as I see it. Criticisms aside, I can see this game coming together fantastically if you can get either a team together to bring this concept into an actual game or manage to accumulate enough funding, experience, and drive to develop this thing a bit faster yourself (although from my experience with alpha stage porn games on crowd funding sites, they don't go very smoothly unless the developer uses some of the funds to hire other people to help guide the process without some of the nastier bumps and hurdles.  Games are business and that sometimes just means investment and risk). Also, there's a femboy option. That automatically puts you on my watchlist. It also lets me link you in my Reddit page where I've been accumulating games that feature femboy options, so hopefully that will get you at least one or two more people dropping in to take a look. Keep on it! I hope it lives up to its potential.

Thanks for the feedback SilverSliver! A lot of what you pointed out is being addressed as we go, and you are exactly right, I can only go so fast.
We have a writer on board now, her writing will be going in soon and that will add some life to it all.
I will have a look at Breeding Season, I don't know the name so I must have missed it.

I love making it, so I won't be stopping anytime soon. Going at bit slow right now, because COVID is finally having a direct impact on the household.

Thanks again, jump in the discord if you ever want to get in touch!

I'm sorry to hear about your situation with Covid. I hope you make it through it safe and sound. Although it is reassuring to hear that you've already taken steps to accelerate the development process on this game. Oh, and about Breeding Season, there is a lot of bad blood between the devs and a lot of drama therein. Not a super great example of how most games developed in teams reach completion cause it fell apart before they had a chance to put a lot of stuff in that they intended to, but it's still a pretty cool game with some great examples of what to avoid while recruiting people if you feel inclined to look into the fallout between the devs. Thank you for your response, I hope to check back in with this game in the near future and offer a refreshed review after stuff gets added in :)


So is there a reason why a Futa can't fuck the pussy of another futa? not a complaint just an observation.


Hey TyranntX! There is no reason other than you would never be able to see the pussy with the way the style is. I can add that in though, jump in the discord and remind me if it's not in the next update!

Appreciated :)

Only having 6 slots for allies seems a bit low currently, because there is not much value to be gained outside of combat stats for keeping them around. I would love to see more progression either through more poses to unlock or through relationship stuff, or to simply be able to unlock more slots over time. Keep up the good work, I haven't run into any issues with crashes or breaking saves, and have only experienced one or two minor bugs on the latest version.

The only bugs I encountered where essentially lingering menu boxes if I clicked on something right as I got into a battle. You could probably fix this by just freezing the game while menus are open if you wanted. (oh, and this is in regards to the windows version


Thanks for the feedback! And yeah, I am slowly getting the bugs in order.
As to the 6 tames, in the plans currently, there is to be an upgrade-able house with more room for more tames.
More poses and different camera angles are planned in the future, but not just yet. Join the discord and hit me up if you have any more questions or comments!

I'd love it if we could get a list of controls. The main problem I have is that I'm never told the controls to interact with npcs. So I'm tasked with hitting every button to find it.

I just noticed the controls in this page. but still.  

Like a menu UI in the game that shows you the controls?

i guess

Interesting setup for sure, just wish there was more of a choice in terms of playable races for non patreon supporters (do not think i do NOT see the patreon symbol where the species arrows should be when making a new character lol) but hey, if you want to literally paywall the others that are ready to go then that's your decision.

(1 edit)

Later other species will be playable in the game through story and lewd romance. But for now, Patrons need to be rewarded for the financial and moral support they show towards the game's the development. It's not cheap or fast to make games, I am thousands in the red on this game, but I make it because I want to. And their support makes it faster and easier for me.

Later though, there will be ways to play as anything for everyone, transformation traps, a salon and other content planned around breeding. Patrons will still get it easier, because that is the nature of the system.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

I fully understand that actually, making a game is never cheap! Also the patreon supporters are acting as beta testers for the locked races now that i think about it...I do hope this game grows well!

Alpha testers is more like, at this stage, but yeah, they are keeping everything going! It's growing faster than I ever hoped, so I hope that everyone can play every species soon. They are voting on the next species now. Join the discord if you have ideas or more feedback, I am always willing to listen.

Think i will do that!

Is there a way to have the game not be in full screen? The settings menu doesn't give any options like that, and I really need to have things in windowed mode. 

On windows, Alt + Enter is the default shortcut to switch between fullscreen and windowed

Thanks for playing!

Hey I tried downloading it but it doesnt open the file. It keeps asking me to get an app to open it.

7zip? 7zip is just a compressor. Just use the default windows unzip on it, that should work

Ok thank you 

Is there a way to heal without using potions?

At the moment, going home will heal you. In the near future you will be able to use the heal spells properly

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