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I can't see any of the characters?

Thats odd, what else is happening? Anything else not working?

Quite a bit of potential behind this, I feel.
Really, really looking forward to when things are a whole lot more fleshed out.

Thanks Vorst, update coming soon!

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Gostei muito do jogo!!!

Thanks alot! Glad you liked it!

Hi, your game is really good <3

Well, I started to play your game some time ago and I really enjoyed it, but, well, the game still is in it's initial stage and bugs are to be expected.

When you go train with your companions in the house, if they have the 'Dom' higher than your character, they can perform the submissive actions, even if they aren't Futa or a Male and, well, it's strange. 

Sorry if my English isn't very good, I'm still practicing it.

Thank your for playing Anyviel. There is a % each side of the player's demeanor that controls which actions can be performed, but I have not balanced it well enough yet, it will get better with more feedback, so thanks for letting me know! 
Werewolf soon, keep an eye out!

the game broke when i defeated an enemy without raising their lust, this bug needs to be fixed

Yeah, I think I have already sorted that in a recent fix, at the moment I have the werewolf I am putting in the game, and then I will release the next update with bugfixes and content. Thanks for playing!

I'm stuck. Whatever I downloaded doesn't seem to work with my computer. What do I do?

That is not a lot of information. What kind of computer do you have? Windows, Mac or linux?

What did you download?

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Windows, and I downloaded the public build. But now I've altered it and whenever I un-download and re-download, and now it opens with word or something?

I really don't understand computers and hope that this gives some infromation

It's okay. Delete whatever you downloaded. Download the public build again, then in your downloads folder -> Right click the file and look for 'extract' or 'zip' or '7zip' or something like that. Then find 'extract here...' or where ever you want it, then in the extracted file look for Tamer.exe (the one with the picture), click that and you should be playing

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I can't find it and I don't seem to be able to extract anything at all now. I think I screwed up and now whenever I try to download it again, it comes out as a word doc. 

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Do you have discord? This will be much easier to solve there, join the link from this page if you do.
If you don't, all I can do is give you advice, I would tell you to google; 'Extract .zip on windows' and follow the steps there

UPDATE: All solved :)

So I have 2560x1080 screen and I can't change the resolution to mine or at least less so I could see other buttons that are being covered. How can I change it?

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You should be able to grab the sides and reshape it, failing that: if you can send me a screenshot of what it looks like on the discord, I will see what I can do for widescreens.

Edit: Temp fix while I fix the sizes for every screen. Alt + Enter will allow you to exit fullscreen, then reshape the game to fit menu

with this come to other platforms such as mac?

I would love to bring this to everything, but I don't own a mac or know anyone directly with one that I could test builds on. So for the moment, windows only. Android sometime in the future. Sorry about that! If I get direct daily access to mac in the future I will make the effort to port it.

That's fine, I do have an android

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I'll update this after i get a chance to play, however, as of now I have started the game, clicked the settings in the lower right, then close in the lower right and the main menu is just...gone XD Figured I would let you know

EDIT: Played it and I actually like it quite a bit! I'm excited to see where this goes. Still obviously rough, but it's still young. A note I do have is in the menu in game, i would move the "Exit Game" somewhere else, it seems to be in the place that a "Return to game" button would be and has given me a few moments of "Damn it" XD

Haha, that settings button isn't supposed to be there on the main menu, probably me trying to fix another menu bug! I will fix this in the next batch of bugfixes in the next day or so. Thank for bringing it to my attention Kagekaton!

Replying to your edit: I myself click the exit game button sometimes by accident. So I am writing that down right now to get fixed, thank you for reminding me! And I am glad you are enjoying it!


Found a real nice bug, when you get confronted by a monster while in a menu, you can still defeat them but the battle won't end.

That was test you?
Just kidding, that sounds like something I need to fix pretty quick!
I will get on that, thanks JinxMasteh!

No problem, I'll do what I can to break the game so I can find all those funny/irritating bugs.

Overall good. Except of course for the tons of menu bugs. Best to save basically after every big action right now. (Fights, training, equipment changes.)

Would like a "Rest" function at home to heal up manually and / or reset the beasts outside. (Does healing just happen when walking?)

I have just added a change in to address the monsters not resetting, they will reset if you enter the house then train or save/load to reload the scene. I am about to upload it now.
Healing is supposed to happen when you die or return from the cave, but since I am making the main cave playable now, only when you die or use potions will you get healed. I will make a temp change to this in the next small update - probably tomorrow.

Thanks for the feedback! Thanks for playing!

Question, do the monsters ever respawn or is it basically game over once they've been captured/beaten?

Excellent question, well asked. Normally I just surrender and it resets them all. But I will fix that tonight and update it, that will reset them all. And then set them to reset whenever you re-enter the house. Will be ready for tomorrow. Sorry bout that! Thanks for letting me know!

Looks really good i hope we get to see an android version

It is in my list of things to do, but at the moment I want to focus on making a quality experience.
Making .apks in unity isn't too hard, it just requires optimization. I am using Unity's 2018 2D animation package, and it's not very well optimized. Once I get an animator on board, I will get the animations done outside of unity and that should be enough to get it stable on android.
I have been making the UI with Android in mind though.

Awesome and thanks for the fast reply